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Machinery Outlook
About Us

Manfredi & Associates, Inc. was founded in early 1984 as a marketing research and consulting firm that specializes in the construction, mining, farm and material handling equipment and related component markets.  For over 20-years Manfredi & Associates has been publishing the Machinery Outlook newsletter. Manfredi & Associates is a complete information source for companies in this field.


In late 1984 Manfredi & Associates began publishing its first monthly industry-related newsletter, Machinery Outlook.  The newsletter is well regarded in the industry for accurate interpretation and analysis of events in the industry, market share estimates by product line, annual product market forecasts, niche market reports, trends, developments and government actions that affect the industry.  Our “Heard In The Dirt” column is the place where people look for the fast-breaking industry news.  Most people look upon Machinery Outlook as “The Source” for information about the heavy equipment markets.

In 2007, Manfredi & Associates, Inc. purchased Machinery Outlook Europe. For over 20 years, Machinery Outlook Europe has provided the insight and analysis to understand the complex European and worldwide construction machinery marketplace.


Manfredi & Associates has extensive experience conducting consulting projects related to equipment markets. In general, Manfredi & Associates conducts proprietary market research projects in the following areas:

  • Product evaluations
  • Market strategies
  • Forecasts
  • Market share analysis
  • Dealer analysis
  • Competitor profiles
  • Product comparisons
  • Import/export analysis
  • Acquisitions
  • Distribution analysis
  • Residual values

    The projects are conducted using a variety of techniques including personal, telephone and mail surveys and using a variety of sources including government data, industry trade statistics, UCC data and Manfredi & Associates’ extensive files and network of industry contacts.

Meet the Manfredi & Associates Team

Manfredi & Associates the publisher of Machinery Outlook and Machinery Outlook Europe is a unique marketing information firm that specializes in the construction, mining, farm and material handling equipment industry. Together the company and its affiliates maintain separate staffs that total 28 professional who have diverse research skills in these highly specialized disciplines.

Key professionals are:

Frank Manfredi
Frank Manfredi
President, Manfredi & Associates

Prior to forming Manfredi & Associates, Mr. Manfredi was responsible for the direction of construction equipment research in the Machinery Services Group at Nielsen/Dataquest for eight years. Assignments included strategic planning, econometric forecasting, territory analysis, financial analysis, acquisition analysis, product planning, and supervision of three of Dataquest’s four research groups. Previously, he was Supervisor of Market Research for International Harvester Company’s Payline Group where he had six years of experience in forecasting construction machinery industry sales, performing field surveys, and studying overseas markets. Previous to that, Mr. Manfredi had four years of selling experience with an East Coast U.S. construction equipment distributor where he had general line and material handling sales responsibility. Mr. Manfredi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Distribution from Clarkson University and a Master of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Donna L. Manfredi
Associate, Manfredi & Associates

Associate, Manfredi & Associates. Mrs. Manfredi was a Senior Marketing Manager for Businessland, a leading nationwide distributor of personal computer hardware, software, service and training. Previous to that, she was a Research Associate for Nielsen/Dataquest. Her experience includes financial and competitive analysis and extensive survey design and interpretation. Ms. Manfredi has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin and completed graduate work in marketing management at Cleveland State University.
Jim Manfredi

James Manfredi
Associate, Manfredi & Associates

Associate, Manfredi & Associates. Mr. Manfredi is Editor of Machinery Outlook Europe, Prior to joining the family business, he had experience as an e-commerce team leader and sales experience selling computer related technology products and services for CDW Corporation, a FORTUNE 500 company. Additionally, he has served in the U.S. Army Airborne as an Infantryman stationed in Panama City, Panama. Mr. Manfredi has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lake Forest College and a Master of Business Administration from the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Mr. Manfredi is proficient in Spanish.

Michael Manfredi
Associate, Manfredi & Associates

Associate, Manfredi & Associates. Mr. Manfredi has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Flagler College. His composition, computer and graphic arts experience are used in publishing Machinery Outlook and Machinery Outlook Europe.

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